Fairmount Massage

We offer a range of different massages, with every individual customer’s needs in mind. All massage treatments include the  complimentary use of our steam room and Jacuzzi facilities.

30 minute express massage                  only £30

A perfect way to spend half an hour on yourself. This back, neck and shoulder massage is guaranteed to effectively relieve tension and leave you feeling refreshed.


50 minute Fairmont spa massage          only £45


80 minute Fairmont spa massage       only £60

This Swedish massage begins with an indulgent foot cleanse using lavender infused hot towels, followed by a deep pressure full body massage for head to toe relaxation.


50 minute Deep tissue massage             only £48

A very intense massage, focusing on relieving any pain or tension in the muscles or joints, releasing pressures to allow the muscles to feel soothed and relaxed.


50 minute Pregnancy massage                 only £35

A calming massage to soothe the body and relax the mind. A nurturing treat for both you and your baby. Only available after your 1st trimester and on the presentation of a note of consent given by a doctor.


75 minute Aromatherapy massage           only £50

A holistic massage based on the use of essential oils and plant extracts. Each oil and aroma is selected to suit your body’s needs and promote the feeling of relaxation and well being.


60 minute hot stone massage                   only £50

A warm indulgent massage. An intense, deep pressure is applied in the form of a Swedish massage, but with the added luxury of hot stones to heat and unwind the body.


35 minute Indian head massage                  only £30

This massage uses firm pressure on the points of the face, head, neck and shoulders to release energy and reduce stress accumulated in the muscles and joints. Perfect for those who suffer from migraines and headaches.


30 minute Foot Reflexology                           only £35

This is a basic reflexology treatment based on massaging the pressure points to aid aches and tension in the feet. This is also a great way to relax the mind and feel rested.